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Snowmobiling in Waterboro since 1974

In 1974, a group of local snowmobilers got together to form a Waterboro riding group and the Ossipee Mountaineers Snowmobile Club was born. The mission of the club founders almost 40 years ago remains as the focus for today's club; to work with local landowners to provide a Waterboro snowmobile trail system, to promote safe and responsible riding and to enjoy the fellowship and camaraderie of other snowmobile enthusiast.

Club meetings are held at the Ossipee Mountaineers Clubhouse located at 255 Old Alfred Road in East Waterboro generally on the first Saturday of the month from September to April. Meetings start with a potluck dinner at 6pm followed by the general club meeting at 7pm. Meetings are open to the public and new members are always welcomed.

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Our Trails

The Ossipee Mountaineers maintain over 40 miles of trails in the Waterboro

area including portions of ITS 89. 

Volunteers get out on the trails during the summer and fall months to clear brush and limbs, fill in holes, build and maintain bridges and sign the trails.  It takes a tremendous effort to get all the work done so that when the snow flies the trails are safe and ready to groom and ride.  We greatly appreciate those who give their time to the club to maintain trails that we all ride and are always looking for helping hands. 

Along with a lot of hard work from our volunteers, trail maintenance requires money to buy wood, gravel and other materials necessary to maintain a safe and easily accessible trail system. The profits from our annual TV raffle and Swap Meet as well as donations provide a portion of the funding we need for supplies to get the trails in top shape before winter. 

When out on the trails, ride safe and ride smart!  Let others know where your heading and when you can be expected back.  Stay to the right, use hand signals and maintain a reasonable speed.  Dress appropriately for the cold, wear a helmet and keep a first aid kit with you.  Respect the land and its owners by staying on marked trails and remember that it is a violation of law for ATVs to be on groomed trails during the winter months.

Remember, riding on private property is a privilege, not a right!

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Ossipee Mountaineers Snowmobile Club

PO Box 273

255 Old Alfred Road

East Waterboro, ME 04030


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