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The good news don't have to be a member of our club to take advantage of our well maintained and groomed snowmobile trails. You can just ride right into town via a connecting trail and enjoy all that our trails have to offer. You can trailer your sled down to our nice plowed parking lot at the club house and unload and ride all day while your truck and trailer are safe and sound waiting for your return. You can come in to our clubhouse when it is open on the weekend and warm up, use the clean facilities and maybe even enjoy a hot meal. You can do all of those things for free!!  But, what if?  ...

What if, while you are here visiting our site you decided to download a membership form, fill it out and send it in with a check for $30 and join our club!  That's all it costs. Then you would be helping support the club that puts in a tremendous amount of time and energy so that everyone can enjoy the 40+ miles of trails. And... in addition to that, you will receive a Maine Snowmobile Association membership, a copy of the Maine Snowmobiler Newspaper mailed to your door, discounted rates for renting our clubhouse, and the good feeling of knowing that you have contributed to the work of securing and maintaining the trail system here in Waterboro, Maine.

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